WoGE #220 After losing track of the WoGE series for months, I managed to find the latest challenge and locate Ron's WoGE#219 in northern Peru easily, but had a hard time squeezing out relevant geological information about it, in spite of a nearly full access to the geological literature. At the end, I'm still frustrated because I have no faint idea what those nice dikes are, what's their age and source, and what major tectonic process generated the extensional faults they intruded. OK, it's my turn now to post a new quiz, and I figured that this sandy spot deserves being highlighted in WoGE. Once located, I guess it becomes pretty obvious why. So, to win this round, one must be the first to provide latitude and longitude of this place, and describe in a few words its main geological attraction. This is a fairly easy quiz, thus I'll invoke the infamous Schott Rule meant to frustrate WoGE pros by preventing them to post answers before a number of hours equal to the number of their wins expires. Posting time is 6:25 pm GMT, Monday, Nov. 8, - pluffi